Reviews On Your Business Listing


Customers are no longer feeling the need to use paper business directories. Online business directories have made their life easier. Online business directory have many advantages which makes it overshadow the paper business directory. It is not only convenient and less time consuming but also hadny and people carry it with them in their personal devices anytime anywhere. Online business directories also have the features that are lacked in paper business directory. One of the great feature being the reviews by the customers and the leads.

We are talking about the reviews in this blog. Reviews always carry weight when marketing your product or service. They are something that cannot be overlooked. One must always respond to reviews in a diplomatic, polite way be it positive or negative review

In AskBaje you can respond to both your negative and positive reviews. You’re also able to respond to each review either privately or publicly. To send a message privately you will need to get in touch with AskBaje admin team. A private message would be like a personal email and is only visible to that individual reviewer. It will be only you communicating to the reviewer. It’s ideal for thanking patrons and also a good first step to find out more information from a dissatisfied customer. The other option is a public message which is visible to everyone. Make sure when posting a public response, that you thank the reviewer for their feedback, state your policies and address any of their concerns.

How do we address negative review? Although in AskBaje the review score is 3 and above out of 5 for 70% of the reviewed businesses, there is a chance you may get a negative review at some point. For starters, don’t send the reviewer a defensive private message or post something publicly accusing the reviewer of being a fraud. It’s viewed negatively by other consumers that encounter it and ends up only drawing more attention to the review. Instead, send the reviewer a private message to determine if they’re willing to connect with you privately to provide more details of what may have transpired.